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For Paul Gravette, helping others reach their dreams is why he chose to become an entrepreneur in the first instance. He has enjoyed over 20 years of explosive success in business start-ups, brand development, software development, internet marketing, and customer/promoter acquisition and retention, Paul Gravette is widely-regarded as a ‘thought leader’ in the direct sales industry, and is a highly-sought after consultant in the fields of internet marketing, software development, and health and wellness. Unsurprisingly, his profound expertise in communication technologies, social media marketing, direct sales, and software integration, are powerful catalysts for creating ‘speed-to-market’ advantages for innovative products and services to both consumer and business markets. Indeed, Paul Gravette has an un improvable track record for delivering exponential growth to numerous direct marketing companies and emerging Internet-centric start-ups, primarily through proprietary branding, vendor resources, innovative marketing, and sustainable direct sales distribution programs.

As Paul Gravette points out, as CEO and Founder of Le-Vel Brands, LLC, he took this expertise in the health, wellness and direct sales industries, and decided on launching a premium lifestyle brand, Le-Vel. This meant exploring new ways to attract people to a healthier, more vibrant way of living. The brand image of Le-Vel is modern, streamlined, youthful and energetic. Indeed, it is already widely-perceived to be a brand whose loyal following proves that personal testimonials are the most effective advertising.

Indeed, from the Brand Promoter’s perspective, Le-Vel offers an encouraging network of support that’s largely online, but no less effective. The web is so much more than a communication platform; it impacts both a company’s reputation and bottom line. It’s a powerful channel for sharing stories, and stories can certainly help sell products. As Paul Gravette, the new face of social media recalls, from the outset, we started our business with the goal of growing via social media and online, moving forward with what’s available. When you think about direct selling, growing up in an era where it was about one-on-one communication, this is the evolution. You have to adapt to it.

Le-Vel is based on what Paul Gravette refers to as an inverted model. This essentially means that  the ‘rank-and-file’ – new to mid-level Brand Promoters are recognized, and their small victories are given focus and are celebrated. For some newer consultants, it can be daunting to attend an event that focuses primarily on top-earning sales-force members and their many successes. The journey may feel unattainable. But as paul Gravette asserts, the company is attempting to change the spectrum of direct selling and corporate America. It wants to recognize people for their individual achievements, but our primary focus is on our achievements as a whole, as a team. That creates a more level playing field. During incentive trips, Brand Promoters do not advertise their respective ranks, and events are not segregated. Everyone mingles with each other. And there is a another mission behind this inclusive culture – to create a larger movement of health and wellness, in which the small victories are celebrated, and stories of new to mid-level Brand Promoters are at the forefront.

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