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Paul Gravette has had an illustrious career as a serial entrepreneur. He has enjoyed working in a variety of industries, starting out in the communications sector, and in more recent times, making his mark on the industry of health and well-being. He prides himself on being able to build strong brands with strong messages, and has a proven track record of having done so with remarkable success. His company Le-Vel recently launched their latest revolutionary brand profile and product, THRIVE, which is taking the health and well-being industry by storm.

Le-Vel is a privately held cloud-based direct sales company with its primary brand “Thrive” being the focal point of Le-Vel’s product offerings. The Thrive nutritional supplement line is based on unique and proprietary nutritional formulas designed for those who have a desire to lifestyle their way to optimal health. The Le-Vel premium product line and online rewards plan has garnered over 300,000+ new customers and Brand Promoter enrollments in less than 36 months due to its focus on retail sales and bonuses based on sales volume.

The company’s vertical growth can be attributed to their proprietary product formulations with social proof of efficacy, contemporary product branding, vibrant labeling, cloud-based operations, and marketing techniques that leverage social media platforms. Le-Vel’s “Premium Lifestyle” business culture is attractive to a broad demographic and fully embraced by their Customers and Brand Promoters.

The success of the business can be seen by the amount of inclusions it has had recently in health and fitness magazines across the country time and time and again, helping promote the name and also reflecting how effective it has been.

For Paul Gravette, Using Online Technology to Meet Customer Needs has been the key to his brand building success, especially in direct sales. He has seen the growing trend in tech circles and how the customer demand for more interactive and digitally focused interfaces has been important in their perceptions of the brand, and meeting these is the key to growing any brand in the modern age. Paul Gravette always embraces tech trends and finds ways to work with them to make his companies ahead of the market.

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