Paul Gravette

Paul Gravette, Mixing Business with Pleasure

Running a successful business and keeping its brand relevant is not an easy thing to do. Most people can tell when a salesman is trying to push something on them that they wouldn’t even use themselves. Paul Gravette, a serial entrepreneur with a track record that goes back more than 20 years, is someone whose passion is easily recognized in what they do. He has experience in brand managing and development, Internet marketing, customer/promoter acquisition and retention, and much more. He has put his passion for business and success into everything he’s ventured into and came out at the top of his field in each of these categories.

He has been able to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of technology and use it to his advantage. His ability to be successful in business doesn’t end with himself. What he has learned and developed over his career extends to the people he works with and the companies he runs. His passion for what he does can be seen in his business and personal relationships.

When Gravette co-founded his premium lifestyle company Le-Vel back in 2012 with his business partner Jason Camper, their main focus was to put their partners and promoters first. If you look at Le-Vel’s website, there is no information about Gravette or Camper. This was done intentionally to keep their business about the people who are keeping it successful. Gravette and Camper view Le-Vel as a company “built for promoters by promoters.”

They don’t emphasize or highlight their successful top earners. Instead, they like to focus on those who have never had success in business. This simple idea has allowed them to have unmatched success. The program they have setup in place and the products they are selling has allowed the company to grow by 4,300 percent from 2013 to 2014 alone. Gravette believes Le-Vel’s free enrollment helps build both trust and revenue.

Combining passion with business has worked out very well for Gravette and Camper. In 2016, their company Le-Vel won the DSN Global 100 award. Their success has come with merging new technologies with fundamental business ideas. Their cloud-based company is something that hasn’t been duplicated by many other businesses. They are at the forefront of something new in business and they have been reaping in the success, not only for themselves, but for everyone involved in their company.

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