Paul Gravette – Health in the Internet Age

Paul Gravette, Health in the Internet Age

We are all living in the digital age. Despite many people’s dissuasion against the rise of the internet era, it is an unstoppable force that we cannot limit, and shouldn’t. While the internet might be a maze of information and social networking sites, for those with an eye for modern business and a proclivity for using the best resources at their disposal, the world wide web is a source of huge marketing and networking power. What’s more, online communities are largely untapped demographics from many industries. Therefore, for those with large-scale, multinational ambitions for their business, it is crucial to establish a strong online presence and tap into social networks as sources of expanding your professional markets and networks.

If you’ve heard anything about business giant Paul Gravette, then you know that he is the serial entrepreneur responsible for some of the best online developments in recent decades. He has more than twenty years of experience in business startups, brand development, software development, internet marketing, and customer/promoter acquisition and retention. His list of successful digital business projects includes building a tier-1 phone carrier for residential and commercial long distance services, establishing one of the first online virtual shopping centers on the internet, building the world’s first web-based affiliate marketing program for a Healthy Energy Drink, designing and launching the first online weight management social network, and his latest venture, founding Le-Vel Brands, LLC, a cloud-based direct sales company that sells premium nutritional supplement products.

It is hard to find anyone with a longer or more impressive string of accomplishments, and this reputation is arguably why his recent endeavors with Le-Vel have been so explosive. He is responsible for creating a culture of healthy individuals who are working together to promote fitness and nutrition. Bringing nutritional supplements to the market is a matter of sticking to the highest quality of customer service and product lines. This focus has made Le-Vel Brands an industry leader in naturopathic formulations.

For Paul Gravette, using online technology to meet customer needs has been a no brainer in our modern business world. All research indicates that there is a growing trend for online products and the use of the web as a source for business information and reviews. When it comes to your personal health, there is nothing more important than doing your research and making sure that you are using only the highest quality products and services.

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