Paul Gravette, Building Brands in the Health and Lifestyle Markets

The health and lifestyle markets are a potentially very lucrative industry for any businessman prepared to dive in against the already teeming competition in it. Everyone, in some way or another, is interested in health and lifestyle, it is just about finding ways to reach them and their interests. Paul Gravette is one of the stars of the direct sales industry today, and as a serial entrepreneur, has a reputation for building brands fast and efficiently, with maximum growth potential and healthy financial rewards. He has worked in the industry for  over twenty years, and in that time worked on a number of successful health and lifestyle products which have taken the market by storm.

Find out a little more About Business Giant Paul Gravette on the link in bold. Being an advocate of modern tech developments, Paul Gravette is known to incorporate the latest technological tools and ideas into his brand building projects. This can be seen in his weight management social network that he built. He designed and launched the first online weight management social network focused on four products that target the core of the body. $3M a month in sales. The company was privately held; 20-30 employees; 90,000+ enrolled independent sales representatives the first 10+ months; generated in excess of $10,000,000.00 first 11 months. He sold the company to 18+ year old direct sales umbrella acquisitions company. Current revenues now averaging $1,800,000.00 – $2,400,000.00 per month; weight management industry. It is a prime revenue generator CORE 4 product line. He also created and crafted the CORE 4 concept. The company revenues and sales team ran on Paul Gravette’s proprietary back-end direct sales software platform.

On the same train of thought, Paul Gravette also has worked with energy drinks. He created the world’s first web-based affiliate marketing program for a Healthy Energy Drink, and designed to target metabolic pathways to create optimal balance and performance at the cellular level. It was launched as an M2C distribution model, this fastest growing Energy Drink Company distributed over 90 million single-serve drinks producing $15M in annual sales. It soon became an all-natural health & wellness leader built on social networking. The aim was to promote healthy lifestyles and explosive business opportunities to social networkers, and help them cultivate healthier lifestyle choices in involving exercise. Find out more about the company by following the link here to Paul Gravette, Using Online Technology to Meet Customer Needs.

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