Paul Gravette, Advantages of a Cloud-Based Business

When most people decide to start a business, one of the first things they consider is where the company’s headquarters will be and what locations will have company offices. Overhead seems like one of the most intuitive steps when starting a business – unless you’re Paul Gravette. For over twenty years, Paul Gravette has been a serial entrepreneur whose business ventures have continued to challenge traditional notions of how one should go about starting a new company. And as someone who has built several online-only companies, Paul Gravette has come to fully understand and appreciate the impact that the rise of the internet and other digital technologies have had on every aspect of our lives, including the way we do business.

As the co-founder and CEO of Le-Vel Brands, LLC, a premium lifestyle product company that sells supplements, shakes, and metabolism-boosting wearable adhesives, Paul Gravette and his partner, Jason Camper, wanted to find a way to use their capital in the most advantageous way possible, with a core emphasis on producing the highest quality products possible. To achieve this, the duo came up with a revolutionary plan to forego a brick-and-mortar headquarters, and instead chose to launch their direct selling company based entirely in the cloud. Rather than spending money on establishing a large office building, Paul Gravette and Mr. Camper poured their money into what they consider the highest-quality product ingredients for their THRIVE product line.

To make all of this possible, Le-Vel had to first create this nontraditional infrastructure, using its IT department as one of its greatest weapons. After establishing the cloud, Paul Gravette had absolute control of its software coding, which allowed the company to move much faster than if it had outsourced the process. In addition to their nontraditional overhead, Paul Gravette and Mr. Camper also implemented a nontraditional corporate structure. Thought the company maintains a full-time staff based all over the Untied States, more than half of them are on the customer support team. Being cloud-based allows Le-Vel to hire the best employees from all over the country, since it is not limited by proximity to a fixed location.

The innovative strides that Paul Gravette has taken in starting Le-Vel is one reason the company achieved the DSN Global 100 Award in 2016 for skills including discipline, confidence, open-mindedness, self-starter, and competitiveness. Paul Gravette’s goal is to make direct selling companies less expensive and more flexible overall. The organic nature of the company’s structure cultivates the feeling of being part of a team, without being over restricted.

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