Le Vel Thrive, Direct Sales Success Stories

Direct sales has proven to be one of the most successful ways in which a business can employ a modern business model that helps raise brand awareness quicker and more efficiently than any other model. It is a method which many American companies have employed to help empower the consumers and their sellers, to spread the brand of a product they truly believe in. While there are many success stories however, there are also some down sides. It is a competitive market, especially those direct sales companies associated with health and wellness. So when a real winner comes along it helps boost the whole market and make them believe in the great products that are out there and can make a positive change to people’s lives.

Find out more about Paul Gravette- Company with compassion here. Paul Gravette is one such business entrepreneur whose latest venture into the health and wellness markets has been met with excitement and lauded with praise. Success stories in direct selling most often begin and end with great products; without those, a company simply can’t sustain itself. It is, as we know the fundamentals of business. It is this concept that helped Paul  Gravette’s Le-Vel not only to create but maintain its hyper-growth. The company’s signature product line, THRIVE, is a three-step regimen that enjoys a viral following of consumers who swear by the results they experience, from weight management and lean muscle support to more energy, better digestion and simply more zest for life. It has helped bring the positive reputation of health supplements back into the big time.

Le-Vel has continued to introduce supplementary products designed to enhance the core benefits from THRIVE, including its Black Label Derma Fusion Technology, or DFT, in 2015. Black Label DFT was the company’s most successful product launch, surpassed only by FORM, the latest addition to Le-Vel’s Sequential Gel Technology line, in March 2016, which generated millions in sales within its first few hours.

Not only is Le-vel and thrive a result of genius marketing and branding awareness by the entrepreneurs Paul Gravette and Camper, but also shows that when the product has such positive effects that can truly change people’s lives, then everyone wants in. If you’d like to find out more about the product itself, or the life and professional career of Paul Gravette, then follow the link in bold here at Paul Gravette, Achieving Optimal Performance in Life.

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